How to acess php.ini

I am having problems with uploading larger files (20-40 GB) with the browser(file zize -1 instead of 1 error) as well with the nextcloud app (Gateway 504 error). What i found in the internet is to change some lines in the php.inim however when I try to change it through ssh (pi user) it doesn’t allow any changes. I tried to ssh with the ncp user, but putty imminently closes. How do I acess the php.ini? Can I change the maximum upload size to something like 50 GB? Do I have to change the Maximum transfer time as well? I run nextcloudpi on a raspberyy Pi 4b.

ncp has nc-limits to configure limits
From terminal run

sudo ncp-config

Navigate to CONFIG and select and run nc-limits
Or use ncp-web:4443 for same.

50Gb seems a lot, not sure if PHP7.3/Apache2 can handle it.
Let us know the results :wink:

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Thanks for you answer. Every time I try changing it trough the web ui i get this error: Something went wrong. Try refreshing the page. With what user should I do this (sudo ncp-config), is pi user ok?

pi is fine

thanks for tipp with sudo ncp-config! I don’t get the error there. I set it to 30GB for now. After changing the value, a dialog shows up with php is using 2984832000 bytes (3GB), xxxx memory etc. Does that mean the maximum is 3GB? Or is this value something different? When I go on nc-limits again, the 30 GB shows up.