How to access data already in freenas with nextcloud

I have installed and running freenas from 1 year in office now I want to access my freenas data from home.So I researched and installed and configured nextcloud. but I I can not find my folders in nextcloud default location. Please, Help me to mount my dataset to nextcloud. OR how can I mount my pre created data to nextcloud folder??

Normally freenas gives you services for access. Then you can use them as

Use can use e.g.:
local: local filesystem same server
smb: Samba
sftp: ssh-subsystem sftp
WebDAV: Webdav service

If you use the same filesystem i prefer “local”.


Example “local” map to folder on same server:

AFAIK Nextcloud under FreeNAS is run as a plugin inside a jail. It may be possible to access files outside of the Nextcloud-jail from inside it, but you’ll to reconfigure some things in your FreeNAS-System for that to work.
(Since you already have access to the FreeNAS-System with your files from outside it might be easier to use a service to access them that is less complex to configure like ssh, rsync, ftp, …)