How to accept received calendar invites on android

I’m new to nextcloud and I’m trying to find a solution to handle calendar invitations on android.
I have installed DAVDroid to sync calendar and contacts to my netxcloud installation.
But when I receive an invitation to a calendar event my mail app does not recognize that this is an invite.
How do you handle this. What mail an calendar apps do you use an android?

Thanks in advance,

Well, at least I found a way to import these invites. It is possible with k9. But there I don’t have a possibility to accept the invitation.
What mail client do you recommend to use?

It is possible with TypeApp - when you download an .ics file it opens up some options in the interface.

But indeed, it’s not possible to Accept or Reject it, so that the organizer receives an answer :frowning: I guess it’s difficult, because invitation received from Google Calendar give the same result.

Does anyone has a solution?