How should I update the OS?

I’ve recently installed NexcloudPi 14.03 on my Pi 3 and am having fun exploring its features.
My question concerns what is the proper procedure for updating the OS (Raspbian, in this case)?

I actually installed 14.01 initially, and successfully used the update button in the NCP web interface to get to 14.03.

I see from running apt that there are a batch of updates available from the os repositories. What is the ‘right’ way to update these? I hesitate to run apt upgrade while nextcloud is running. Seems like that could cause problems.

Does either nc-autoupdate-ncp or nc-autoupdate-nc perform operating system updates?


@nachoparker will know best in case of NextcloudPlus, but AFAIK it does not control APT updates, so you can/should do that manually via apt update && apt upgrade or even apt full-upgrade.
There is not much that can break, if you do that while Nextcloud is running, respectively webserver is running and Nextcloud active/not in maintenance mode. But to be sure, set Nextcloud into maintenance:
sudo -u www-data php /var/www/nextcloud/occ maintenance:mode --on and --off afterwards.

Thanks for that. I had forgotten about the maintenance:mode --on/off command! That should do it!

I’m really impressed with Nextcloud (and this community)!

that is THE answer, old boy!

just a tiny additional info:

it does. ncpweb controls that - if you want to control it ("unattended upgrades")

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@JimmyKater is right. It is activated by default