How o install collobora without domain and SSL?

I install collobora in Ubuntu16.04+php7.0. but I have not domain and SSL. I just look the
it is list some reprepare:
To install it the following dependencies are required:

A host that can run a Docker container
A subdomain or a second domain that the Collabora Online server can run on
An Apache server with some enabled modules (NGNIX instructions in a blog here)
A valid SSL certificate for the domain that CollaboraOnline should run on
A valid SSL certificate for your Nextcloud

Note: This guide does NOT cover self-signed certificates. If you use a self-signed certificate then you’re mostly on your own :wink:

but I have not valid SSL certificate who can help me? thanks thanks!!!

You can use Collabora Online without SSL, although it is not recommended. In /etc/loolwsd/loolwsd.xml set ssl and ssl termination to false, and restart loolwsd. In this case you have to run Nextcloud without SSL, too.

You can get free SSL certs from Let’s Encrypt.

thanks your help. can I integrete collabora in nextcloud without useing docker?
I just look at, it is only provide docker method. :joy:

Technically it is possible to use Collabora Online with Nextcloud without Docker. For example you can compile everything from source code. This is 100% free software (or open source, if like that term better).

Collabora released CODE docker image for home users and/or for small user base. For integrators, there is the option to become a partner of Collabora. Nexcloud users with large user base should consider buying support contract from Nextcloud which covers the Collabora Online product.

my collabora with nextcloud is working. prefect!!!

Dear AlexLi,

Have you configure collabora without SSL??

I just install collobora follow the official manual. it is working.