How many users can make calls at the same time?

How many users can make calls at the same time?

Depends on the specs of your server - CPUs, RAM, SSD - and available bandwidth…

… and if you’ve installed a coturn server or not :wink:

On my server it seems like if we meet with more than 4 users, not everyone can hear everyone.

How can I make this more stable so more than 4 users can communicate?

I already set up a turn server and set it in the Talk settings.

I configured it like described here:

external-ip=<My Ip4>

The only changes I had from default was total-quota=100 (default: 0) maybe that was too low? i changed it to 1000 now. Or what else do I have to tweak in the turn server to enable more stable users?

Sorry i do not use it.

But you can use Nextcloud Talk with and without High Performance Backend.

Some articles. Find newer ones in the internet:
GitHub - strukturag/nextcloud-spreed-signaling: Standalone signaling server for Nextcloud Talk.

The Turnserver does not improve the calling performance, afaik. It only allows users to connect in some edge cases. See what you can do to improve the performance starting here and below: GitHub - nextcloud/spreed: 🗨️ Nextcloud Talk – chat, video & audio calls for Nextcloud

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It would improve call quality and performance if TURN and nextcloud on the same system were getting loaded. Or if the nextcloud VPS or VM is minimal for most other uses, but needs more resources for video.

In this case a dedicated TURN server would certainly improve call quality and performance of TALK. Additionally bandwidth could be increased with a dedicated TURN server on a different VPS or connections which would also help. Some have reported on this where they use a separate VPS turn server and this really helped them with latency etc.

Of course given that resources and/or bandwidth is partially to blame for the quality issues. Quality of users connections are also important. So problems could be on their end like all other services anywhere.