How many files can Windows Client upload or download concurrently?

Out of curiosity, how many files can be downloaded or uploaded concurrently on a Windows client?
From what I can tell, there are around 3 temporary files that are created when syncing.
I use NC for safekeeping and sharing all my personal photos and the file size is about 10MB per file.
Some IP providers, such as Shaw have terrible throughput when it comes to using NC. At best I can achieve 35Mbs.
My server is with a different provider which will saturate my connection easily.
I am wondering if having more files being downloaded or uploaded concurrently would improve overall client performance.
If so, how can I do it?

I did it successfully with about 100k files with 250 GB.

How many do you have?

HI Sanook,
I think you misunderstood my question.

Let me rephrase it for you.
The Nextcloud Windows client is doing concurrent upload or download when it is synchronizing files.
By concurrent, I mean, performing several simultaneous upload or download. It seems 3 files is about what it is designed to do.

Let’s say you have 100 files to sync, if the IP provider limit the upload or download speed of a single file and you haven’t reached your maximum speed connection, then you can imagine you can increase the speed by splitting a single file into multiple segments or uploading or downloading a larger number of files in parallel. I think in most cases, the throughput would scale up, hence reducing the amount of time required to synchronize everything.

I don’t know if there is a way to increase the number of concurrent files for the client, but if it was possible, then how can it be done? Is there a configuration parameter somewhere or is this hardcoded in the code of the app itself?

The documentation says 6. But you have an environment variable to change this value:

If you have a fast connection (~100 Mbit/s), a larger chunk size (default: 5MB) result in larger total upload times.

Thanks for the info.
Unfortunately, I don’t seem to go anywhere.
I have noticed very small files (less than 100KB) will support 6 concurrent downloads while larger ones (over 1MB) will only do 3 concurrent downloads.
From the documentation you pointed me to, it is not clear what the " Environment Variables" are. I would think they are Windows system " Environment Variables" . I have added the “OWNCLOUD_MAX_PARALLEL” to the Windows System environment without seeing any effect. I have restarted Nextcloud client, but not Windows. Maybe this is the reason.

I have never tried that myself. It’s probably better to ask the developers directly ( and then update the documentation.