How important is it tochange the mail from

As the title suggests - how important is it to change the email address.

And what should I change it too?? Especially if my email is ProtonMail which is not really supported by Nextcloud mail app.


You can’t just use other people’s mail address. Use your own, get a dedicated mail address for that purpose. I suppose it’s the mail address to send out notifications?

it’s only to receive notifications, you don’t need the mail app, NCP comes with postfix

So I chansged admin@ownyourbit to
I send a test
But nothing happens
I know I am missing something. I don’t know what.

Well, per default you start in the Nextcloud logfiles. If there is a mailserver on the NCP, you can check this logfile as well. Regarding Nextcloud sent mails, you can enable a debug mode for logging:

Thank you for your reply - but I am not sure about what to do with it…

Reading the Email settings in NCP docs - I replaced with my email - Administration > Basic Settings > Email server. I sent a test email but it did not arrive. My send mode is Sendmail and the sendmail mode is smtp(-bs).
Is it possible that it does not work with ProtenMail??

According to @nachoparker it seems like it does not need to be a complicated thing.


It works with hotmail.
not with ProtonMail.
Thank you