How i can stop synchronzation and delete LOCKED files?!

It gets annoying when the cloud has trouble syncing simple video files. It’s faster to dump files via USB than to fix nexcloud code corrupted by developers.

Any ideas on how to stop syncing and delete files? How I can simply unlock the DELETE option to delete my fles. Let the cloud not think for me. I know when I want to delete my own video.

Hello @czsz hope you are doing well…

Did you tried to stop the apache/php/redis or other caching service before trying to?

Did you tried to delete the files manually inside your server?

All the best, have a nice week.


I have automatic upload set on my phone. But sometimes large video files of several GB don’t sync.
Then I copy the video with the USB cable and in nextcloud the file is still trying to download and can’t be stopped. Even as files are deleted from phone and PC. They are listed as “waiting” in the nextcloud.
I want to delete files like the admin of the device should be able to stop everything when he wants.