How i can Scan sessionbased external storage?


i use external Storage with “Log-In Credentials, Save in Session” cause its the most comfortable form for my Case.

Now the State of the external Storage is not actual. Some Folder and Files are missing.

I tried files:scan --all, but the session based Storages are not in user folders.
I was looking for any path, but i didnt find any.
In username/files_versions/ i some external folders, but a Scan in this folder didnt solve the problem.

How can i scan the external Storage?


This is not possible, see Nextcloud documentation

The Log-in credentials, save in session mechanism uses the Nextcloud login credentials of the user to connect to the storage. These are not stored anywhere on the server, but rather in the user session, giving increased security. This method has some important drawbacks, since Nextcloud has no access to the storage credentials and therefore cannot perform any background tasks on the storage:

  • Background file scanning does not work
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