How does the nextcloud receives new updates?

I am a budding programmer with love for this.
I really like the nextCloud software and i would like to try to understand a bit about how it works.

One of the first things where would like to understand, as a developer and as a user is how this software, updated and then take the new upgrades.
What is the general idea of this function and how it is implemented in practice?
( if you can, direct me to the corresponding lines of code )

Thank you very much in advance for your time and help.
Congratulations for your entire project!
( Hopefully one day i could can help you with the development. )

P.S.: Sorry for my bad english!

For Nextcloud there is an updater app ( which should work once you have version 10.0.1. Before you have to do manual upgrade (see documentation). The client should be notified automatically for new updates (Win + OS X), on Linux you currently have to build it on your own (not sure when there will be a repo).

First thank you very much for the immediate response and interest.

First of all ( to me be clear ) i refer, how the server is updated.

Initially, i want to understand what is the general idea behind the software update in the nextCloud server.
What is the idea. The general concept by which is designed and then how it has been realized with code.

For example, how check if it has released a new version of software ?
How the software upgraded ?

What is the idea that follows the software.
Abstract and little more practical (in the code)

Now, concerning of code, i have seen this module.
This code is responsible for updating the server?

Mostly these functions are responsible for updating the software :
- public function checkForUpdate()
- private function getUpdateServerResponse()
- public function downloadUpdate()

right? ( Initially i am referring to the very core elements concerning update. )

Then perhaps i would like ask something about the code that does not understand very well…
This perhaps escapes me now because i do not know very well how software updates (general).

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Any help ?
Someone to talk architecture of the nextCloud ?

I moved this topic in the dev-section.

@LukasReschke or @MorrisJobke can perhaps explain in more detail the code. You might as well try the IRC chat to chat with developers:

It could help if you explained what kind of project you plan with the updater app or in what way you want to improve it. This can make it easier to point out important details.