How does "Request Data Export" work?

You can request an export of your data or account deletion from the system administrator. This can take up to 30 days.

Under Settings > Personal info

I submitted a request with a provider and entered my password. Can anyone help clarify how this process works. What am I actually receiving in the data export? I’m looking for documentation and a bit confused. Is this functionality being provided by the Data Export app? Thanks


Yes, that is the app. I noticed you already opened an Github issue for that:

From what I saw/ read, the app only notifies the admins to provide that information to the user, who requested that information.
Problem for the admins: they need to collect the information about all the stored user data manually. There is no automation yet:

Oh and the other issue about missing activity information is also from you :smiley:

I think you are already at the correct spot to get the detailed answers.

Anyways: looks like it will still take some time, to have this app really ready and helpful to admins. Right now it is only to let admins know, there is a request - which is probably one thing to have available to be GDPR conform.

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I see. Thanks! Request added for future Workflow integration, since automation is going to be developed more heavily in Nextcloud 18 and beyond.