How does Nextcloud work with the data directory

Why do not you just add a directory or file to a user’s files ?
How does the nextcloud determines which files are whose ? How defines the user privileges ?
Not permitted for safety reasons, even in the server root user to add files to users?

Making changes to the data directory on the filesystem isn’t supported as it can lead to issues.

That’s why @tflidd suggested external storage.

Yes i understand that could create problems and at first thought strongly agree.
But because i want more understand how works the Nextcloud, could you indicate to me how this functionality is implemented in Nextcloud ?

go look in the source…
maybe work out a patch to do what you need to do…


didn’t want to set up a new thread for something that is relevant to this thread.Not being able to change the data directory in the setting mean that I can’t have my Nextcloud sync folder on the memory card? What if the nexcloud share folder is bigger than the memory on my phone (please don’t tell me to buy new phone … :wink: ).