How does nextcloud send system emails?

Hi all,

I’ve sucessfully set up my own nextcloud installation, added security features according to the guide, etc.

I’ve also set up exim so that Nextcloud can send system emails (Send mode: ‘Sendmail’). That seems to work: when in the admin panel clicking on ‘Send email’ (to test email settings) I do receive an email.

I would like to set up a cron job to send a notification to my email address in case my RPi reboots. I’ve tried

echo “This is a test.” | mail -s Testing

But that doesn’t do anything. So, now I’m wondering how exactly does nextcloud send its emails, what code is used?

Also, is it possible to adjust Nextcloud’s sender name? Currently it’s just the unindicative ‘raspberrypi’.

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The sender mail and name normally can be edited on the admin page. Perhaps exim is replacing it. If you just want to forward your mails, you can also use ssmtp (if you don’t configure exim properly you can end up setting up an open relay).