How does caching with Redis works?

I’m wondering how the redis caching works under the hood.

I have been searching for it but I’m unable to find it.

Can someone give me a link to some documentation or explain it to me ?

My end goal is to set up a server with multiple nextcloud “instance”, redirected via some domain name (apache2) and I wonder if it’s best to use 1 redis instance:

  • per nextcloud instance
  • shared for all my nextcloud instance

As usual you find this kind of information in the Nextcloud admin guide and on the Redis homepage :wink:

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Hello, thanks for your answer.

But it’s not exactly what I was hoping for, I already read those files.

I know how redis works, what I would like to know is what Nextcloud use redis for and how.

In the Nextcloud admin guide it’s written that it’s stored as key values but it’s not what I want to know.

I want to know HOW the cached values are stored, and what does Nextcloud stores.

  • Is there an ID for a nextcloud instance in Redis ?
  • Can you run multiple instance of nextcloud with only 1 instance of redis ?
  • What if you have file with the same name on 2 nextcloud instance ?

Should I look directly at the code ?