How does applying a collabora docker to vm work?

I am pretty unsure if and how it would work to change from an integrated collabora server to the dockerized version hanssonIT-VM offers as well?

I’m especially interested on how applying for a neccessary certificate for e.g. collabora.mydomain.url would work, taking into account I already have a qualified domain at cloud.mydomain.url
is the script automatically modifying the proxy to deal with it?
would LE-certficate on both domains be renewed automatically as well?

would be nice if you (or anyone else) would have some hints for me on that.

Simply choose sudo bash /var/scripts/menu.shAdditional AppsDocumentserverCollabora (Docker)

Thanks for your lightning-fast answer @szaimen :slight_smile:

ya I know how to doing that. But it would really do ALL of the things I just asked?

Yes. Obviously you need to point collabora.mydomain.url to your server, too.

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wow cool!

and thanks again for the hint - that shouldn’t be any problem since I really own my domain :wink:


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