How do you update to NC 25.0.1?

How exactly are you supposed to update to NC 25.0.1? A security scan of my recently updated to 25.0.0 says “NOT on latest patch level”. Administration Overview says I’m running 25.0.0. Under the Update section it says “A new version is available: Nextcloud% 25.0.1”. There is an Open Updater button and a Download Now. Open Updater merely goes back to the Dashboard screen. Download Now downloads with no instructions of what to do with that file! Unzipping it results in simply a directory named nextcloud. What am I supposed to do with that directory in the context of Nextcloud running in a Docker container on my Synology?!?

I can’t give you Synology-specific instructions, but generally with Docker, you just need to update your container image. The web updater and the zip file aren’t used.

Understood. And that was the first thing I tried. Unfortunately pulling the latest Docker image results in 25.0.0. :frowning_face: