How do I share a file

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Just set up nextcloud on cloudamo. I have uploaded a couple of files.
For the life of me I cant see how to share these as a download link. Cant see anything specific in the documentation either, please help. TY

same thing for folders

thank you ozsen, but this is what I see…

Could I have reduced options due to this being a trial account maybe?

because of the trial probably

Test functions at Post differences.

The problem I have with this link is that it asks for a password, I tried hitting the LOGIN button without a password, didnt work, tried using the assigned account name as the password, didnt work, tried Resetting password but of course it doesnt know my email address so notification went somewhere else. Not sure how this is supposed to work.

Password is “demo”.

thank you devnull, would have been really great if it had said this somewhere. demo account now working, uploaded a test file, able to share link. So I think that my created account is restricted in some features (such as create external link) until I purchase some space (beyond the 3G it says I already have). All good, now moving forward.

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On animated gif the link is copied to clipboard. Can you post the link or send me with PM?