How do I setup an email alert each time a users downloads an open shared folder

Nextcloud version 12

Hello team,

I have a folder in my Admin User Account that will be a general share for everyone in our office. I’ve created the share to everyone and I have a share link (no password and no expiry).

I want to setup an alert each time someone downloads files from this open share. We’ve instructed our employees to not download from this folder. Unfortunately Nextcloud does not give me the option to remove the download button for this shared folder. The files in this shared folder are PDF documents and are only used for reference by the employees to read online so there is never a need to download. Since I can’t stop downloads the owners will be using education to remind people not to download these documents. To that end we would like to know how I can set this up in Nextcloud:

  • An email alert when a file or folder is downloaded from this open share.
  • Since this is an open share does Nextcloud have the ability to give us the IP of the workstation that downloaded the file? For now we are keeping this an open share (no login required).

Thank you.

I made the following post earlier today, and it seemed relevant here too. You could perhaps grep your web server logs for “downloadStartSecret” maybe? I’m pretty new to Nextcloud, so not positive that would be the best grep here (if there’s no built-in way to do this).