How do I remove the Instant Upload folders on my phone client?

I installed the NextCloud Android app a few months ago but haven’t gotten around to really cleaning up and organizing my phone till now. When I first installed it, it asked me if I wanted to do the auto upload with the “Instant Upload” folder and I said yes.

I have now cleaned up my phone and organized it, and I have created a folder on my cloud server called “Phone”. I have successfully added a few folders there manually, but I still have all these other folders that were auto-discovered by my phone when I first installed it that I don’t want to see*, and I also don’t want those folders uploading to Instant Upload. I have deleted Instant Upload but I can still see it as a destination for these auto upload rules/filters/tasks. How can I remove these?

For instance I don’t want every single audio book I have on my phone synced via a separate task. I just want to have folder/file put in my "/phone/audiobook-library/" folder auto uploaded to my phone and visa versa. How can I achieve that?


I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Nextcloud Android app, and I have made sure that it was not leaving behind any extra info and I’m still having this problem. I imagine that it’s basically doing this stuff automatically, but I don’t know how or why, or how I can get it stop it.

I’m almost looking at just using SolidExplorer to sync my stuff via WebDav but I’d like to support and use the NextCloud app so that I can help with the development and refinement of the process.