How do I remove NextCloud files from local pc without removing files from the cloud?

My colleague has been getting this “Error 0x80070185” recently with her NextCloud local files, she can’t open, copy or move any of the files in the File Explorer local files. I contacted our NextCloud server host’s customer service and he said that the issue could maybe be fixed by either installing NextCloud again, which I already tried and it didn’t work or by removing the local files and installing them again. The error isn’t showing up when we’re using the virtual version so it seems that there’s no issue with the files but perhaps the files on local pc are corrupted? Also typically the “Error 0x80070185” is associated with OneDrive, but we don’t use that, we use NextCloud. Sadly I can’t even test anything myself either since I don’t have access to any of our NextCloud files or I don’t even have an account.

So how do I remove files from the local pc without removing the same files from the cloud aswell? I tried removing a few pictures from the local pc and it removed them from the cloud/virtual version too.

Please post more details an a few screenshots. Thanks.

We asked the hosting IT company to look at it and they fixed issue by deleting the account from NextCloud and logging back in with it, now it’s uploading the virtual files to File Explorer again. They said it should work with this. Thanks.

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