How do I modify code?

Hello evrybody,

Speaking from so France excuse my +/- good english.

Recently I installed NtCd, of course I got somme errors, which I would like to corrrect, but…
Where do I find the folder where NC is written ? I suppose it’s in httpdocs, but where ?
For instance how do I install/activate the PHP function"set_time_limit".



Unfortunately you’ve ignored the issue template and didn’t provide any relevant information which would allow to help you on this. Please use the issue template and provide as much information as possible about your Nextcloud installation.

Sorry but I do not understand what you mean with “Issue Template”. I know both words but cannot figure what they mean together…
If it has to do with the app “Issue template” I downloaded it, but I do not know where do I install it, and how I can use it.
By the way, Github is totally new to me, I’m the perfect newbie…
Maybe I should stop and go back play marbles.
I installed Nexcloud juste clicking on one icon that I found on my hosting service.

if you open a new issue and select support you get a template. that’s the issue template.

you should provide some basic infos about e.g. your hosting service. and which error you were facing.

if you have shell access: find / -name occ

Thank you, next time I’ll be less stupid.