How do I link a url to my IP

I have NC on my Netgear with a local IP, Is it posisble for me to have a URL example (my domain) to link to the IP, or how do i make that link.

@digitalgerry you want a " domain for your local IP? if yes set up it in your admin panel of your router et redirect all requests to your server with local ip ( don’t forget to set static IP for your server ).

Thank you
Can i ask, where you meaning in the router - Im using an orange France router so it’s layour is bizarre

@digitalgerry paramètres>réseaux>DNS

Thank you much appreciated

Unfortunately I cant do an ything in this space

@digitalgerry, j’avais oublié que Orange bloque les nom contenant des “.” . exemple:
pour ajouter un nom cliquer sur l’encadrer vide a droite de votre appareil puis cliquez sur enregistrer.

Do you have a dynamic or static worldwide ip?
a.) dynamic ip

  • use DynDNS service
  • match DynDNS with CNAME to your subdomain
    b.) static ip
  • match static ip with CNAME to your subdomain


  • configure port forwarding (perhaps DMZ)
  • if all works use e.g. Lets Encrypt (certbot?)

I’ve re-read my original email and I’ve no idea why I’ve said netgear I should have said QNAP!!!

I’ve tried dyndns and can’t understandother thank this

@digitalgerry j’aimerais plus de précisions quand à votre demande, vous essayez d’accéder a votre nextcloud avec un domain depuis l’exterieur de chez vous ( en étant pas connecté a votre box ) ou en réseau local ( en étant connecté a votre box) ?

@Mageunic Thank you, I suggest we keep this in Engish (for others) and I’m irish and not fluent French either.

I would like more details about your request, are you trying to access your nextcloud with a domain from outside your home (not connected to your box) or on a local network (connected to your box)?

OK, good point
1: NC is installed on a VM on my QNAP NAS.
2: I can only access using a fixed IP

I’d like to have a subdomain URL of my main domain to take me to my nextcloud installation. How do I do that.
I have a domain and want to have a subdomain

I think you have got a dynamic IPv4.
Check it e.g. with

Then you need a dyndns-service. With dyndns-service do you use?
And then set CNAME user-name.dydns-service.tld to .

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Ok thanks @devnull , on my router i have created a line

But the cname, I can change at the DNS - what do I need to enter?

Which DDNS service does you use?
In Germany i use e.g.

On your router you must configure the DDNS service not your private subdomain.
On your domain nameserver you must map DDNS subdomain to your subdomain with CNAME.

Look. There is no subdomain setting on my router for my domain:


And here my sudomain settings on the nameserver for my private domain


  • router sets subdomain . ddnss . de
  • nameserver sets subdomain.domain.tld to subdomain . ddnss . de
    → subdomain . domain . tld maps to the dynamic ip
  • TLS/SSL is set to both domains with Lets Encrypt (certbot)