How do I install Pepperminty Wiki alongside NextcloudPi in docker?

As detailed here, I’ve followed the basic Pepperminty Wiki installation instructions to git clone it over to /var/www/wiki within my docker container for NextcloudPi.

  • At the moment I’m just re-directed back to Nextcloud when I browse to domain.tld/wiki
  • Nextcloud needs a new vhost added so I’ll be able to browse to domain.tld/wiki
  • I’m unsure of how to proceed with this in docker.

Pepperminty Wiki author here. I’ve not got any experience with Docker or creating Nextcloud apps, but in the Pepperminty Wiki Gitter Channel, we observed a few things:

  • Although the Apache server is supposed to be serving Pepperminty Wiki on port 8080, the web browser does not appear to be able to connect - nor does curl on the command-line of the machine with the web browser on it:
  • Through a sudo netstat -peanut | grep -i LISTEN, we established that the only thing running on IPv4 is SSH - everything else is on IPv6 (even though Nextcloud is accessible on IPv4, no server appears to be listening on IPv4 for the web browser to connect to - which is totally baffling).

As far as my own testing goes (without Nextcloud / Docker), all you need to get Pepperminty Wiki working is a PHP-enabled web server and a directory for it to sit in. Since it’s entirely built-into a single file, it should play nice with everything else on a web server - so long as said web server doesn’t mangle the query string (the bit after the ? in the url). It should also keep to the directory you put it in - unless you tell it otherwise.