How do I increase timeout on move/copy?

I need to know how to fix the wait delay on moving/copying files.

Example: Copy a folder from internal storage to external. “Error copying file” then exits the process.

But the files continue to move in the background slowly…

This is not a new issue and it’s not getting fixed from the looks of things. Kind of weird, seems like it would cause a lot of anxiety and confusion for the regular end user as-is.

Depends what times out, your php, database, connection to external storage, webserver connection, …

It’s not timing out. Nextcloud is saying “Error copying file” to the end user and then continues to upload in the background. The end-user doesn’t know it’s still uploading on the backend and thinks the upload failed.

Best I can tell there is a timeout limit coded into nextcloud so that if a file takes longer then x seconds to upload it tells the client it failed.

Specifically related to external storage uploads.