How do I improve desktop client download speed inside home network

When I copy files on the desktop client, I only get 3-7 MB/s inside my home network.

Here’s my current setup. Is there any way I can improve the download speed? Thanks.

maybe some of these hints might help you

Thank you.

Looks like I need a local DNS to route nc.***.com to my local server IP address.

I don’t have Pi hole, but I do have AdGuard running at home.

Then I added a new DNS rewrite, but it doesn’t look right.

In Nginx, I point to http://192.168..***:11000

Should I use the same IP address in DNS rewrites?

Like this? In AdGuard, I can’t add the port number behind the IP address. How did AdGuard know where to point? I am a bit confused.

After I added the DNS rewrite, web Nextcloud interface works fine.
But the desktop client can’t download files anymore.


Hi, you need to point the local dns overwrite to your reverse proxy.

Thank you. No errors anymore after the point local DNS overwrite to the reverse proxy IP.

I also switched from a wireless to a wired connection. I got about 20 MB/s download speed, which is still much slower than directly copying a file from the same NAS through SMB.