How do I force upload after restoring of backup?

I had to restore a week old backup of my Nextcloud AIO (200 GB). Current files are safe, on an external drive.

Problem: Nextcloud desktop app downloads and overwrites the newer local files with its older cloud state.

How do I force NC to accept the current files? E.g. force upload?


Hi, did you use aios built-in backup solution for restoring?

No, I restored a Proxmox backup. I’ll look into the AIO backup, thanks, but NC should have a faciilty to force upload. Synology Drive can do that.

I guess you missed this step then: Restoring backup — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation

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Yes I did! So if I understand this correctly, running the maintenance:data-fingerprint comand should sort of make the client data the source of truth, and therefore force upload? Which is what I want? The method of backing up then shouldn’t matter, right?