How do I find the URL of a folder shared via email

Hi -

I’m on Nextcloud 22.2.0.

I share folders via email with some occasional (non-technically sophisticated) collaborators who don’t want the hassle of having to manage yet another URL/username/password trio, so don’t have logins to my Nextcloud instance.

Instead, I share files with them by adding their email to the “share” properties of a given folder. These shares are long lived.

What I find happening is that these collaborators ‘forget’ the share URL (or don’t know how to search in their email or save a bookmark in their browser - this is the real world, folks) and each time I share new documents for review I invariably get the “please send the URL” routine.

Long story short, how do I discover the URL sent in these emails without also adding a non-Nextcloud email address of my own to the share?

“Share link” generates a different URL for the folder, so that’s not the answer.

Do I need to “[Include] Note to recipient” each time someone asks for the URL again? This is troublesome if the folder has more than a handful of collaborators.

Looking forward to hearing what the solution is!


Hi @benklaasen

But thats probably the soulution. Ant then you keep notes of these links so you can resend them to a person, if they loose it. Also for security you should password protect your shares, especially if that many users are using them. Probably you should also maintaining seperate accounts for regular users or at least using the Guests app.

“I’m not technically sophisticated” is usually a synonym for: “I’m too lazy” :wink: You’d be surprised what “not technically sophisticated” users can do when they have to. :wink:

Thanks for the reply, @bb77 !

Just thinking about it a bit further: I guess (though I haven’t checked in the database) that NC generates a different URL for each email recipient, so it can keep track of who accessed what. In that regard, the share URL is private to that recipient, so it’s none of my business what it is - and in fact, I can impersonate that recipient if I know the URL.

I was going to ask if you agree that Nextcloud ought to provide a means to show me the share URL, but I no longer think it should!

I’ll use the regular “Share link” option with password protection in future. I won’t be able to track individual activity on the share, but that’s small price to pay for easily being able to find and share the URL again.

Thanks again for getting back to me so promptly!