How do I delete empty groups under contacts?

I imported by accident the wrong .vcf file under my account. This file had groups created in it.


  1. How do I bulk delete contacts? Only way I found is doing it one by one.
  2. After deleting the contacts I was left with 5 groups that came from .vcf import. How do I delete these empty groups? I don’t see an option to do so.

I run NC 18.0.7


Hi @ddywz,

This is a known issue. You can read about it and discover more here:

Thank you @NeptuneUK, I guess have to wait for a fix. I left the groups empty for now.

If you want to delete contact groups, you can do following:

  1. edit your contact and tag the correct group
  2. if it is the last contact of the group you want to delete, you have to open the new tagged group of that contact
  3. edit the last contact of the old group over the new tagged group by choosing the new group and the contact.
  4. remove over the new group and the contact the old group tag
  5. now the contact really was removed from that group, no other contacts tagged by that group
  6. nextcloud will automaticly remove that group, because it´s empty

It work´s fine for me with nextcloud 21.0.2 and contacts 3.5.1

I am on NC 24.0.1 now and I had the same question. There is no need to go through the procedure, described by Chillmaster:
Simply delete the members of the unwanted group / cathegory until the group is empty. If you switch to another tab within NC like calendar tab and then come back to contacts, you will see, that NC has deleted all empty groups.