How do i configure smb for local use only


i have a mounted point on /media/samppa this is a completely empty drive that im trying to map the smb client to point to and it shows up on my network and nextcloud but i want it to not sync with nextcloud hence being local only, how do i go about setting it up up to par with ncp´s created smb file, currently it sits at

path = /media/samppa
writeable = yes
; browseable = yes
valid users = ncp
force user = www-data
force group = www-data
create mask = 0770
directory mask = 0771
force create mode = 0660
force directory mode = 0770

i have only changed the path to show to the drive and the network points name
im configuring it for use on a windows 10/linux laptop and a windows 7 desktop
i can access the drive but after that it says “you need permission to perform this action”, if for example i try and create a folder, i do want to setup profiles for users but im lost on how,
if i try and do smbpasswd -a (user) it returns with "failed to add entry for user (user) im completely lost, and have been trying to configure this for 4 days now with no support from anywhere

If your on a rpi, try with sudo

sudo smbpasswd -a (user)

What hardware (output of uname -a) and NCP/NC versions are you on?

Restricting to local only is enabled in Networking section of smb.conf by removing the ;

; interfaces = eth0
; bind interfaces only = yes

so it looks like

interfaces = eth0
bind interfaces only = yes

add or replace your local ip range i.e.
and reloading smb.service

forgot to mention i ofc do it sudo but the underlying problem was the user first needs to be added before the password (so sudo returns with failed to add user entry if no user), i got that configured and can add users though now

I am on the most latest stable release with the latest updates from yesterday (sunday), however even when i got all these configured ( smb passwords and users) for some reason with the above mentioned settings i can not get my samba share to work outside of nextcloud (offline not attached to nextcloud) i obviously tried different options other than www-data, but couldnt find a combination that works with above mentioned laptop/desktop setup, this is what primarily needs help now.

i need a setup that lets me use the smb share offline hence not forcing www-data to be used, i tinkered with it the whole weekend but just cant seem to find a proper smb configuration for it with the default settings from the webui (samba enabled etc) or tui for that matter i have however gotten an guide to do it the
“unofficial way” from the official rpi forums.

(not enabling samba from webui or tui just making a new smb.conf) using ntfs i will test that out today, but it would be good to get a natively configurable smb attachment to add local network drives only for added security due to not using btrfs.

edit: i will update with uname -a after i get off work