How do I configure nextcloud on android to make it upload files and folders added to the nextcloud directory?

All I want is for nextcloud sync to work on my android device the same way it does on PC. Is this possible?

Currently if I tell it to sync it will just ignore the newly added folders and files. I don’t think autoupload will work either since that just takes the files out of the folders and puts them in a dated folder.

Hey StarmanF!

I guess to use this functionality you have to create a folder and mark it as “available offline”, at least thats what I did to get my phone upload files automatically (except pictures)

Does it work with pictures?

Have you set autoupload to wifi only?

Essentially I’m using nextcloud as sort of a personal wiki. I will often create new categories or folders and then put text files I write on the go inside those folders. It would really help if I could use apps designed for text editing and file management for those tasks. Is there no way to make the nextcloud app sync folders and files as they are created?

If I have to manually create the folders on the nextcloud server, even through the app, that kind of defeats the purpose.