How disable users' ability to share files/folders?

As an Admin of a Nextcloud installation, how can I disable users’ ability to share a file or folder?
I still want the users themselves to have access to the files and folders that I don’t want them to share.

I mean users, as in users with no administrative privileges. And the reason for my request is I wish to prevent my users from sharing stuff to people on the outside, who does not have an account with my Nextcloud installation. I want to be the only one who can do that (share). So if users wish to share something, they’ll ask me and I set it up and send the link.

I have been looking for a way to disable users from being able to share, for a couple of days know, and I can’t seem to find how to achieve this. I am rather new to the Nextcloud environment (and liking it alot so far), which is why I am asking. But I have fairly advanced computer knowhow, so you know what kind of lingo and concepts can be used in a response or conversation.

Thanks for any help/suggestions.

Hey Clarion,

This is actually pretty easy :
As an admin, log in your Nextcloud server
Go in Users
Create a group you call something like “Receivers”
You then go in Settings
In Settings, you go to Sharing
In sharing, you exclude you group Receivers from sharing
Any member in the Receivers group can now receive shares but not create ones.

Up to you as an admin to create a share between you and each one.
Should one wish to share something, it first put it in that share he has with you
Up to you to re-share it the way you wish.

Thank you, Heracles31. That worked well, and it taught me how to continue to develop this option to create what I need. Thanks :slight_smile: