How can the ‘Delete’ button be moved to the main menu?

Hello, it really annoys me that you always have to click at least twice to delete a file and that the functionality is particularly ‘hidden’. I would like to have the delete file button simply at the top of the main line next to the ‘favourites’, ‘move’ and ‘download’ buttons. I would also like to have icons instead of big text buttons. Are there easy ways to customise this yourself or themes that include this change?

I dont know VUE so I couldnt solve the problem myself. Since I assume that it probably won’t work with custom CSS and JS either, I didn’t bother with it after a short attempt. If it does work, I would be very happy to hear your suggestions.

Thanks and best regards

I also do not like it. I could imagine that it is due to the maximum number of buttons and the order of the buttons. But if there is only one additional button that makes no sense.

I think you or someone else need to create an issue here. I couldn’t find a similar issue there.