How can I use the Nextcloud Metrics without needing Docker?

Hello first, I’m new here, don’t get along very well with the forum yet. Furthermore, I am German and sometimes use Google translator.

In this topic:

I wanted to follow up and see if anyone could point out a way without Docker!

However, this was completely taken out of context as if I wanted to install Grafana then split and closed…

So I’ll try it now in a separate topic.

I already have Nextcloudpi running on a Pi, and Prometheus and Grafana on another!

Can someone help me to get a connection for the metrics without @theCalcaholic’s Docker variant?

Best regards

I tried very short without success but it should work with every NC installation, most of the data comes from the NC serverinfo app.

  • first you need the serverinfo app (integrated?)
  • this generates some stats at https://<mycloud>/settings/admin/serverinfo
  • which are used by nextcloud-exporter
    you need valid user or token to access this data
  • once exporter runs you can use the data within Grafana

I’m not very deep into the dashboard it uses some variables I don’t have with plain grafana/prometheus/nextcloud-exporter containers…

Ok, if I understand correctly then with the linked exporter I have to deal with “from source” if I want to avoid Docker right?

Server info app? Do you mean the metrics under System (:4443) on Nextcloud?

If so, I have homework for the weekend. :slightly_smiling_face:

I dont get any further. “From source” describes go and gnu (and I have no idea, I’m not an IT guy, bit of a hobby for at home)… and since this description can also be found on the hub.docker page, I think it will not help to be able to avoid Docker.

Can someone help me to bring the Nextcloud Exporter to the Raspberry Pi as a normal (docker-free) installation?