How can I set up a Nextcloud architecture with a central server and secondary servers on remote sites?

Good evening community, I trust you’re doing wonderfully.
I’m trying to set up an architecture with the nextcloud solution. This is what I aspire to achieve. A central nextcloud server and secondary nextcloud servers. The idea is to have a main nextcloud server on a main site and a secondary nextcloud server on each remote site. All secondary servers should be able to synchronize their data with the main server.
These all nextcloud server will use LDAP tu authenticate users (Active Directory).
The goal is that users on site A connected to servers A have all his data if it’s affected on site B he will access to his data on server B on site B. I want my users to have access to their data wherever they are, as long as they are connected to the company network.
So I’m wondering, is this feasible? And if so, how? I’ll be in touch. Thank you

Honestly, what you are asking is probably beyond of what the community forum can help with, and you probably should contact Nextcloud GmbH directly: Enterprise - Nextcloud