How can I see and edit other user's share permissions?

I have a cloud for a group where people can share pictures.
Is there any way I as admin can see all files for all users and also see and change who the pictures are shared with?

You can use the impersonate app. Consider your users’ privacy carefully…

No good idea. If my admin looks in my shares i would change my nextcloud provider or i go to Microsoft or Google.

Perhaps it is better to implement group folders for your user groups and then the user uses this groups or not.

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Thanks, I will try that out @KarlF12 :slight_smile:

@devnull I see your privacy point, but in my use-case it is not an issue. This is not a cloud to store private files. This one has a specific purpose.

However group folders will not work, because who should have accesss is not the same people every time.
One time userA and UserB should have access, another time userB and userC, or userA and userC.

Yes that is all ok. But in a normal company you also do not check the content of network file servers and not incoming and outgoing email with company data, or? And if yes, it mostly not works.

This is a private server in my house, not for a corporation og organisation