How can I restore files from the trash to a specific destination folder?


I have a lot of files in the trash, and I would like to restore them in a special folder, this would allow me to sort them.

It seems the restore feature restore a file in it’s original destination only.

Is it possible to change that ? Even with the command line ?


Nextcloud version : Nextcloud Hub II 23.0.2 (in snap)


Filezilla them, sort them, reupload them …

You mean that I can access the trash with external tools instead of the web ui ?

I tried to access it throught webdav, and I can’t find the trash

yes, nextcloud date storage is visible via the config.php:
'datadirectory' => '/mnt/raid6/nextdata', in this case, the data directory is mounted under /mnt/raid6/nextdata

accessing with filezilla give that:

use filezilla with ssh access

Oh, I see, accessing the data on the nextcloud host.