How can I remove a mail account and/or completely deinstall the app with all data

I installed mail and got a bunch of errors.
Major problem is that a connection to a mail account got accepted that has no connection to IMAP and SMTP. I tried this on many mailproviders (ionos/1und1, freenet etc.)

When I deactivated and removed the app in the admin settings, I thought that connections to all mail accounts got deleted as well. This is not the case, however, which I found out when re-installed the app again. The faulty connections re-appeared and produced the same errors in nextclouds error log


  • How do I completely remove all app data from my nextcloud installation, including connections to mail accounts the users have already created?
  • How can a user delete a connected mail account?

I am not a programmer and I have no access to the linux command line of my nextcloud installation.

Thanks and regards


  • Remove the account in the user UI.
  • Let the background jobs clean up the data.
  • Disable the app a few days later.

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