How can I open raw files in text editor?

I have been moving my workflow up to Nextcloud slowly over the last few weeks but I am running in an issue that I can’t figure out.

I have a lot of GPG, ASC, and various other filetypes that are all plaintext including some files like READMEs with no extensions at all. When trying to edit them, they download instead of opening with the text editor, and as far as I can tell there is no way to “Open with”.

Does anyone know how I can open different file types with different apps similar to how you can on any desktop OS?

Some people have suggested editing the mimetypes, but this is really cumbersome, does not cover the extensionless files and we would really prefer not to edit system files.

No idea. Nextcloud Text is not a text editor. It is only a markdown editor without possibility to edit the raw file. There are issues.

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I think Nextcloud needs the file extensions to figure out the mimetype of the file to know which viewer needs to open it. Without an extension it not able to do so hence it doesn’t try to open the file but instead downloads it.

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Thanks Folks, I think I am going to explore making a plugin for Nextcloud that creates an “Open With” functionality when you right-click or select.

I did try adding mimetypes manually on a non-production instance, and the markdown editor (I could have sworn it used to just be a text editor) will open and write plain text files. :crossed_fingers: Hope I can figure this out!

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