How can I (manually) install owncloud apps on NC 11.0.2?


I would like to install the following owncloud app on my NC 11.0.2 server:

I haven’t found this or a similar app for Nextcloud yet, so I wanted to try this owncloud app after I read that many OC apps are still compatible with NC. I tried to find out already how to manually install apps and I know that for NC apps I only have to download the archive files, extract them into nextcloud/apps and then run the install.php in that archive. However, this app doesn’t have an install.php file.

Can somebody guide me with an installation of this app on NC?

If the answer is, this app cannot be installed - probably due to incompatibility - can somebody advise (/link to a good howto) how I can convert/ change the source code to become a valid NC app?

Thanks a lot.

I never heard about an install.php :sweat_smile:, after extracting the app to your apps folder go to the nextcloud web ui > apps > not enabled. There it should show up ready to enable. You might need to adjust the info.xml with proper nextcloud version borders, at least to resolve the warnings in the app store. See some other apps info.xml how this looks like.

By the way the app is running on my nextcloud without issues or adjustments. Must have been on the app store before, I don’t remember that I downloaded the archive manually :confused:.

Oh dear, I should really learn to read carefully :frowning: It said “click install” in the other thread. I mixed something up.
Alright, I will try that. Thank you so far.

:joy: you’re welcome

Oh my god, it is so easy. Thanks a lot!