How can I manage the NextCloud shared files & folders locally?

  • NextCloud version : 20.0.2
  • Operating system and version : Ubuntu 20.04 server version
  • Nginx version : 1.18.0
  • PHP version : 7.4.3
  • Mariadb version : 10.5.8

(Please excuse my English)

I want to manage the NextCloud shared files & folders locally. The meaning of “manage … files & folders locally” is that add/remove/rename/modify files & folders by using Ubuntu’s shell commends or other file management programs.

It seems that NextCloud has separated information for NextCloud shared files & folders. And, for example, if I rename a NextCloud shared file locally, NextCloud does not recognize it automatically.

So I manually execute “occ files:scan …”, every time I add/remove/modify files & folders locally. That’s quite annoying. And if I add/remove/modify lots of files & folders locally, it can be time consuming.

I want that NextCloud automatically recognizes locally modified files & folders. How can I do that?

Have you tried using the #clients:desktop to sync things to your local computer rather than editing them on the server?
Or, you can mount as webdav to your filesystem.


Actually, users can do everything by using client app and sync app, under the condition of keeping mirror version of the cloud sharing files & folders. However, sometimes the direct local managements are more convenient than the client app and sync app.

Also, I have considered using WebDav. By using WebDav, the local managements are directly reflected on the sharing files & folders. But, WebDav has limited features.

My personal preference is to mount the files via NFS or Samba share (if mixed computer environment with Windows locally). Either works much better than webdav in general and works perfectly as local. Nextcloud supports either option if you choose to use it.

What is the option? I don’t know.

Do you mean that NextCloud do not store information for the files mounted via NFS or Samba share, like WebDav?