How can I Linux Desktop client get to stop logging?

The only log related config directive that seens to have an effect is


without logDebug line or with


or with


the logging behavior is exactly the same: about 6 log files per minute, over 360 files per hour.

Since I’m booting (why is beyond discussion) with the rootfs on an USB stick, I need to stop this excessive write behavior.
The client has no business loging at debug and notice level indiscriminately.

Client version is 3.7.3 as found on the Kali-Linux-Rolling repository. (AppImage is not an option, as to maintain an installation with these monstrosities is a full time job…)

take a look at this BR

it looks there is no way to reduce logging now… but the issue got some attention shortly. hopefully we will see improvements in upcoming versions.

UPDATE: version 3.9.0 seem to improve a little due to Bugfix/adjust log levels by mgallien · Pull Request #5796 · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub and in fact 2 of 3 log lines belonging to each file in a system don’t occur anymore… but at least a fresh start sync cycle write 2/3 of the previous log amount. I need more time to understand if log verbosity is lower now…