How can i link to an editable version of a markdown file without making it public?

I would like to add a todo item in the workspace for a weekly report.
The form for the weekly report is in a markdown file in the same directory.
I would like to link from “weekly report” to the markdown file in a way that opens the file for editing.

So far i have found four ways of linking to the file:

  • type in the url displayed when hovering over the file name -> this will download the file
  • copy the internal link to the file -> this will open the filebrowser in the same path and highlight the file and display a preview
  • share file link -> this will make the file pubilcly visible and link to the content of the file
  • share file link, making it editable -> also makes the file publicly available and allows editing the file.

I have not found any way to create a private link to edit the file.