How can I get video to stream from my NextCloud?

I installed NextCloud 12 on my home NAS server (Odroid-C1, Debian Strech, PHP7.0, Apache2).
I use an Android smartphone (XIAOMI Redmi 4, MIUI 8.5, Android 6.0.1) as a client device.
When I log in to my NextCloud account and want to see a video I copied to my space, I have to download it to my smartphone first!
Would it be possible to see the video in streaming, without previous download?
Thanks in advance for your help.

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If you search you might have found this answered already :slight_smile: planned for 2.0.1

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Sorry to bump this old thread. Has it been taken off the roadmap? The IOS app is at 2.20 now.

I’m currently using FileBrowserGO on IOS via WebDav to get access to the file and then stream it with VLC. If it is too long winded to implement an own player, would it be possible to β€˜just’ pass the link with the credentials on to other apps, as FBGO does it?




I read somewhere that this was coming in 14, I certainly hope so too