How can I find a professional hosting company

In most offers i pay for the data storage xxx GB - yy € / month

Can someone offer a professional nextcloud with flatrate traffic and unlimited users with sufficient performance without considering these components in the price?

Why not self-host it on a VPS then?

How much Storage do you need?

Please contact us via Email.

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@ [Starfish]
That doesn´t answer the question.

i have to find a host where nextcloud runs without errors
and i have to look whether the host performance works for 20 users.

1und1 offers 500 gb for 50 € / m (1 CPU, 1 GB RAM) or 350 € / m ( 16 CPU, 48 GB RAM)

It´s not only a question of dataspace.
Most VPS have a lot of customer on one machine.

true, if you 're unfamiliar with Nextcloud and Hosting I strongly encourage you to find a service partner, who manages this for you and keeps your back free. Especially when you’re using a Nextcloud in your business. You find me and a lot of others on:


20 concurrent users would be happier with fixed server resources. That means: Not a VPS, but a real managed server with (for example) 64 GB RAM, 2 TB disk space and 30 TB traffic for 169 € per month.

I am one of the Nextcloud providers and offer managed servers for Nextcloud. You can look at my offers.
Please send me an email for an individual offer.

Maybe you can check out the offer of our Business plan and our Nextcloud VPS. We are also one of the Nextcloud preferred providers.

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