How can I download a file from its preview screen?

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The issue you are facing:
tldr: I cannot find a way to download files from their preview screens.

Maybe I’m stupid, but when looking for pictures for a photo book I noticed that there is apparently no option to download a picture from its preview screen.

I looked at the pictures in preview mode to decide which ones were good and wanted to download them to my local machine. Right-clicking the image only saves the large preview file but not the original image. And I cannot find a button anywhere. I had to go back to the file/gallery view and look for the file again there (not easy if you have 5 similar pictures differing only a little bit) and download from the file list.

For PDF files, the same thing happens. I can look at the PDF in preview but there is also no download button, only a toolbar, a hidden sidebar but both without download options.

Is NC really missing this basic feature?
Or is this configurable somewhere?


Is this the first time you’ve seen this error? (Y/N): No

Steps to replicate it:

  1. Open a preview of a file, e.g. a picture or a PDF
  2. Preview opens
  3. Look for options to download the file
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You’re not the first one who misses this feature, as you can see in this issue ticket:

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