How can I disable versioning entirely?

I’m running Nextcloud 18.02 on a tiny VM with a tiny disk (30 gigs, for OS use only), with S3 as my backend, it’s been going sailingly until now. I started changing some of my files and soon my VM locked up because Nextcloud had flooded the OS drive with backup versions of the files I’m changing. Basically, it’s copying files out of the S3 storage and storing them on my OS drive.

I managed to manually flush old versions, and I changed config.php to

'versions_retention_obligation' => 'disabled'

I also set a max disk quota of 5 gigs for my user. According to NextCloud’s docs ( it will automatically delete old versions once the drive fills up, but my disk is still slowly flooding and I need to continuously run the manual cleanup job to keep the VM alive.

From what I gather there are plenty of open bug tickets for versioning on Github, I want to disable the feature entirely, 100%. Is this possible?

What about disabling the files_versions-app, have you tried that?!

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Thanks, that seems to have fixed it!