How can I disable local HTTP Port access to NextCloud?

I use NextCloud 11.0.0 (& QApache) on my QNAP NAS TS-251 and I’m learning how to configure it.

I have enabled HSTS and want to disable all local HTTP port access to Next Cloud (eg and access NextCloud only via HTTPS (eg

How can I disable port 45080?

I hope that is all the information needed for someone to help. Any help is appreciated.

For apache, I would just say disable the virtualHost which listens at port 45080. I’m not sure if you can directly access the config files or if you need to go through a special configuration tool. So it’s rather a qnap-specific question…

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Ok, thank you very much for your reply.

I can access the config files.

If Apache2 behaves as it would normally do, disabling a vhost config should be as simple as a2dissite xxx.conf where xxx would often be 000-default on servers. This would need to be done over SSH if the option in the web interface doesn’t exist.