How can I customize the Logo

Hey. How can I customize this Logo? (Ill still leave a credit to nextcloud on the bottom of the Page)

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Oh thanks I didnt saw that :sweat_smile:

Also: is there a way to force all users to use the dark theme?

This does not make any sense, because this is a user preference. Forcing everyone will create barriers and i would not advice that.

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Okay. You’re right but is there a way to change the hex values, for example change the white into black ? I mean I could do the same thing with dark mode and just invert it then

No, this would require a complete theme or adjustments via the Custom CSS app.

The default (via UI options accessible) theming mechanism will let you set one accent color (used for header, primary buttons, …) which will be combined with either a dark or a light background for the main area depending on the users preference (because not everybody likes a light theme and not everybody likes a black theme).

I strongly disadvise

  • manipulating the global theme on this deep level with the Custom CSS app unless you really know what you are doing to avoid side effects
  • impose every user you personal attitude regarding a light / dark theme to avoid mental and physical barriers