How can I block access to one folder for all users other than myself

Hi Guys,

Can someone please give me a ste-by-step walkthrough on how I can block 1 folder from all users other than myself

Thanks in advance

Normally only you have access to your folders. Do you want to share all other folders with other persons? Do you want to use public shares, normal shares, Group folders, … Can you explain your goal? Can you post some screenshots? Can you paint a picture? …


I’ve just built my server and at the moment I just have one other user that will log in.

I just want that user to have access to 1 folder. the folder I want him to have access to is on an external drive for which I’ve configured through the External Storage app, giving a folder name of Disk2. I’ve then create a new folder under Disk2 called scott

So I jsu need for this user to have write access to Disk2\scott

I don’t want him to have access or see any other folder on the server.

What is the easiest way I can make this happen

Thanks in advance

I am not sure if the quota is used for the external storage. Maybe you can just set the quota to 0 B.

Why is it so difficult just to grant someone access to something in Nextcloud?

I love Nextckoud - it’s the best out there but it’s so fustrating!

i dont use external storage, but i think it should be no problem if you browse to that folder in your external storage using the webinterface and share it with scott. this way however you will also have access to that folder.